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 Invitation to SQUAD / FLEET

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PostSubject: Invitation to SQUAD / FLEET   Mon May 16, 2011 9:09 pm

Hi every 1. Like some of us that just started playing NF, i will like to ask all that are in Squad =PSR= to make invitations to all Neutral players lvl / nation to join us.
We have 1 objective to create 1 big Fleet with good players, but for that we need min. 30 ppl so we can create 1.
Maiet or Dregonity can help out the new players of NF to understand more about the game. My self will try do my best to invite players. To does that invite ppl ask them to
register this forum, only that way we can talk about problems, ideas, etc, of Fleet Portugalia.

Compliments Bc_Garcia

P.S= Maiet, this are gorgeus Very Happy ty brother. Very Happy cheers
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Invitation to SQUAD / FLEET
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